FAQ's & Client Rights
What Every Client Should Know

What should I look for in a shop and a piercer?
  •  A clean, well-lit environment
  • Knowledgeable, clean, communicative, gloved piercing professionals
  • Individually packaged, sterile jewelry and piercing tools

What should I ask the person who will be piercing me?
  • How long have you been piercing?
  • Where did you train?
  • Can you tell me about your experience in performing this piercing?


Piercee Bill of Rights

Every client has the right to:

  • Be pierced in a clean, hygenic, private environment;
  • Be pierced by a trained, clean, sober, conscientious Piercer who follows only the highest standards of sterilization and hygenic techniques;
  • Be pierced with appropriately sterilized equipment, jewelry, and single-use piercing needle which is then immediately disposed of in a medical sharps container, after piercing is complete;
  • Never be pierced with a "piercing gun" which cannot properly be sterilized and can actually be dangerous to your health;
  • Have only well-designed implant-grade jewelry of appropriate size installed in your new piercing;
  • Written after-care instructions and continued access to your piercer for any questions or assistance you feel you may need;
  • Change your mind at any time without feeling obligated or pressured in any way to complete the piercing process.

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